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      As specialists in waterproofing, we ensure our clients homes and commercial properties are well protected from the elements to ensure healthy and strong buildings. Water damage in a home is a nightmare as it ruins belongings, causes health issues and can jeopardize the structural integrity of your home in the long term.Internal waterproofing of areas such as underground basements, can be vital in preventing water from being absorbed into the walls and creeping into the rest of your home.

      Maintain your property and protect your valuables by ensuring your roof is watertight. This, without a doubt, is a priority for what is your shelter.

      At Dampstar we cover all roofs, whether tiled or flat concrete, in order to prevent unnecessary water leaks. Have an emergency or looking for a complete roof seal? Whatever your need, we have you covered.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Why Waterproofing Is Important?

      For any construction it is important to have the right waterproofing solutions to protect the building. If the waterproofing is done poorly, it can lead to damage of property and valuables, and to risk for human health. It is wiser to invest in preventive risk measures than to pay for damage repairs. Any building requires regular maintenance to protect it from damage caused by water, roof waterproofing is an effective preventive measure. Repair of a building damaged by water can be very expensive, especially reinforced concrete buildings subjected to corrosion.

      What can happen if the building is not waterproof?

      • Construction projects may suffer structural damage due to poor or insufficient waterproofing of the roof and concrete.
      • Cracks in the foundation or joints exposing to water can lead to more serious structural problems, including leaks, spalling, and deterioration.
      • Mold growth is also a common waterproofing problem that is difficult to correct. It is also a health hazard. Exposure to this can lead to allergies, asthma, irritation, and fungal infections.

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