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    From bubbling paint to cracked plaster and even mould, damp appears in many forms and, if inside your home, can have negative effects on your health, and those with lung-related illnesses will be at even more risk. Besides the fact that it looks terrible when outside, damp will erode plaster, saturate the wall and eventually cause damp internally.


    As specialists in waterproofing, we ensure our client’s homes and commercial properties are well protected from the elements to ensure healthy and strong buildings. Water damage in a home is a nightmare as it ruins belongings, causes health issues, and can jeopardize the structural integrity of your home in the long term.


    Knowing that a professional and reputable contractor covers your painting and paint maintenance needs is where we come into the picture. With our years of professional painting contracting experience, we bring services and expertise to the painting and maintenance of your assets that will leave you comfortable knowing that we take complete…


    Whether you are building a new home or adding to your current one, a roof is essential. At DAMPSTAR, we provide you with a full roofing repair and replacement services in Johannesburg and the surrounding communities. We’ll help you find the residential roofing options that best meet your needs and budget.