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      Knowing that your painting and paint maintenance needs are covered by a professional and reputable contractor is where we come into the picture. With our years of professional painting contracting experience, we bring serviceS and expertise to the painting and maintenance of your assets that will leave you comfortable in knowing that we take complete care of all the projects that we will do for you.

      For approximately 25 years we have been painting large residential and commercial complexes – each with its own unique identity. It would therefore be beneficial for us to have a detailed consultation with you to determine your specific painting needs.

      Our goal is service, and we aim to enhance, protect and increase the market value of your property. From sales and estimation through to finish and follow-up, Dampstar has the expertise, professionalism, and resources to manage any project. We offer quality workmanship at a competitive price. Our expert repainting professionals are simply an email or phone call away.


      Why can’t Joe Soap just paint my property?

      Professional painters not only do the hard work for you, but they’re also insured with the correct licensing to complete your painting job safely. When a painting company is properly insured, any damage costs that arise are taken care of by the contractors themselves.

      And let’s be honest, quality is everything and professional house painters yield quality results every time. This means no paint will drip onto your baseboard or carpets, you will have evenly painted walls and they will use the proper paint designed for your walls.

      Do I need to use a specific type of paint?

      The type of paint you choose is just as important as the colour and can have a major effect on the character of your room, the quality of your paint job, and the vibe you want to achieve.

      Where the room is located, how it will be used, how large or small the room is, and the overall look you’re trying to achieve are the top factors to consider.

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