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From Basement To Roof - We Have You Covered

At Dampstar we offer solutions and treatments for all possible types of damp, mould and moisture damage across all types of buildings and dwellings.

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The Journey Began

Vincent Senior worked as a professional damp proofer and plasterer in the UK. He perfected the way he damp proofed and waterproofed homes.

a new generation

Knowledge Is Passed Down

In the 1980s, Vincent Senior passed his knowledge down to his son, Vincent Junior, who studied the trade to perfect his skills in South Africa.

The company begins

Dampstar Is Born

Vincent Junior then passed the business onto Andrew Kennedy, who still uses the best techniques and products. Andrew established Dampstar.

The success carries on

Bigger And Better

Dampstar prides itself on keeping up to date with the current trends, techniques and materials to best protect your property.

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